Chinese Tourists Aren’t Coming Back to the US Anytime Soon. 

Chinese Tourists Aren’t Coming Back to the US Anytime Soon. 

I believe the US travel industry (companies, media, prognosticators) is currently spending too much mental energy, attention, opportunity cost and focus on the inbound Chinese traveler market while overlooking opportunities from other lucrative source markets. Fixating on ‘the Pre-pandemic level return of Chinese Inbound Travelers’ is like a friend who’s separated from his longtime girlfriend that keeps talking about the good old days; hoping and praying they’ll get back together. I’m afraid, wishing, hoping, and praying...

Differentiation is Critical To Travel Startup Success

Differentiation is Critical To Travel Startup Success

As a traveler or even as somebody from the travel industry, have you ever struggled to differentiate between two different travel app offerings? Perhaps you've found yourself comparing two travel apps, or two different travel software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers (expense...

Photo by Marc Rafanell López on Unsplash

Make Tough Capital Decisions Now

This post firmly offers advice to travel startups and companies starting to raise capital, have partially raised a round, or any travel startup that needs more capital & revenue.   Remember that my viewpoint refers to capital raising and funding,...

Plan for 18-Month Runway

Plan for 18-Month Runway

If I ran a travel startup or company, I would actively plan for 18 months of challenging capital raising times starting Q1 2023. You need to survive the next 12 months and, in all likelihood, the next 18 months without...


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